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Paydens Pharmacy A to Z listing of pharmacy categories. Pharmacy brands, common medical complaints, medicines, medical conditions and first aid.

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Acne & Spots - Acne and Spot treatments including Clearasil, Johnson's Clean & Clear, Oxy, Quinoderm and SebaMed.
Activa - Activa medical supports. Ankle, knee and wrist supports for both medical and sports use.
Aftershave - Aftershaves from Adidas, Brut, Gillette, Nivea, Old Spice and Tabac.
Allergy Creams & Lotions - Allergy Creams and Lotions from brands such as Anthisan, Benadryl and Wasp-Eze.
Allergy Eye Drops - Ease the discomfort associated with Allergy symptoms with these eye drops.
Allergy Nasal Sprays - Various nasal sprays from known brands, Aller-eze, Beconase and Numark.
Allergy Tablets, Capsules & Syrups - Allergy Tablets, Capsules and Syrups from Benadryl, Clarityn, Numark, Piriton and Zirtek.
Alli - alli is the only FDA approved, over-the-counter weight loss product.
Anti-Ageing - Fight the signs of ageing with our selection of well known products.
Antioxidants - Antioxidants from brands Numark, Vita-E and Seven Seas to supplement your diet.
Antiseptic Wipes, Creams & Sprays - Antiseptic wipes and sprays to clean and soothe wounds.
Aromatherapy - Our selection of Aromatherapy Oils.
Artificial Sweeteners - Artificial Sweeteners in handy travel-size packs to great value products for the home.
Athlete's Foot - Alleviate the irritation and discomfort of Athlete's Foot.
Baby - Baby gifts, monitors, feeding, weaning, skincare, more...
Baby Accessories - Thermometers, Nail Clippers, Brushes and Combs, Potties, more...
Baby Creams & Lotions - From Johnson's, Sudocrem, Numark and Simple, you will find creams and lotions suitable for delicate skins.
Baby Safety & Monitors - Baby monitors, Safety Locks, Harnesses and Reins, Socket Covers and Wrist Links.
Baby Skincare - Baby Creams, Lotions, Wipes and Cotton Wool.
Baby Washing & Bathing - Bath Toys, Bath Mats, Sponges, Body Washes, more...
Baby Wipes - Baby wipes from leading brands such as Pampers, Numark and Jonhnson's.
Batteries - Batteries from companies including Panasonic and Duracell.
Beauty - Body Lotions, Scrubs, Cleansers, Toners, Cosmetics, Masks, more...
Benylin - Benylin medicines relieve the discomfort of cold & flu, congestion, coughs, sore throats and other cold symptoms.
Bites & Stings - Soothe & relieve irritation to bites and stings.
Blemish Control - A selection of Blemish control products from brands including Clearasil, Johnson's Clean & Clear, more...
Blood Pressure Monitors - Digital blood pressure monitors.
Body Sprays - Body Sprays to refresh and stimulate the senses.
Bottles, Teats & Brushes - Baby Bottles, Teats and Cleaning Brushes.
Breath Fresheners - Breath Fresheners.
Bronnley - Bronnley, the makers of luxury gift soaps and high quality toiletries.
Brylcreem - Brylcreem hair styling products for men.
Bubble Bath & Bath Salts - Bubble Bath and Bath Salts from brands including Badedas, Bronnley and Radox.
Childrens Cough & Colds - Well-known brands include Benylin, Tixylix, Karvol and Meltus, more...
Childrens Decongestants - Gentle yet effective decongestant products suitable for children.
Childrens Medicines - Cradle Cap, Gripe, Lice, Nappy Rash, Teething, Worms, more...
Childrens Pain Relief - Oral pain relief suspensions in a variety of flavours to suit children of all ages.
Childrens Vitamins - Childrens vitamin supplements ensure that they get their recommended daily intake of essential nutrients.
Cleansers & Toners - Cleansers, toners and cleansing wipes to suit all skin types.
Cold & Flu - Cold and flu products from ranges such as Beechams, Benylin, Day & Night Nurse, Lemsip and Nurofen.
Cold Sores - Lypsyl, Numark, Soothelip and Zovirax treatments that can be applied to cold sores.
Colostomy Care - Colostomy care no sting barrier films.
Common Complaints - Acne, Athlete's Foot, Cold Sores, Constipation & Diarrhoea, Cystitis, more...
Complementary Medicine - Aromatherapy, Herbal, Homoeopathic Creams and Remedies, more...
Conditioners - Conditioners to moisturise, nourish, condition and protect all hair types and colours.
Condoms & Contraception - Condoms, contraceptive gels, male desensitizing sprays and stimulation rings.
Constipation - To help maintain regularity and relieve constipation.
Contact Lens Care - Contact Lens Care with products from Amo, Ciba Vision, Solo Care and Total Care.
Corns, Callous & Bunions - A range of products to protect and treat those sensitive corn, callous and bunion areas.
Cosmetics - Foundations and Face Powders.
Cotton Wool, Tissues & Wipes - Cotton Wool, Tissues and Wipes.
Coughs & Colds - Cold & Flu, Cough Medicines, Lozenges & Cough Sweets, Sore Throat and Vaporisers.
Cradle Cap - Safe and effective products to ease cradle cap symptoms.
Cups & Beakers - Tommee Tippee cups and beakers.
Cutting & Filing - Treatment blades, Carnation foot files, Scholl toenail softeners and clippers for all of those troublesome feet problems.
Cystitis - Relieve the discomfort associated with cystitis with Canesten, Cymalon, Cystopurin and Numark.
Decongestants - Tablets to inhalants from known brands including Actifed, Breath Right, Contac, Karvol, Sudafed, Olbas, more...
Dental Floss - Dental Floss for optimal oral hygiene from Oral-B, Reach and Sensodyne.
Denture Cleaning - Denture cleaning products ranging from cleaning tablets to denture baths.
Denture Fixatives & Cushions - A range of denture fixative products from Fixodent, Poligrip, Seabond and Snug.
Deodorants & Body Sprays - Deodorants and Body Sprays from ranges including Dove, Nivea, Impulse, Gillette and Right Guard.
Diabetes - Artificial Sweeteners, Diabetic Foods & Sweets and Glucose Monitors.
Diabetic Foods & Sweets - Diabetic Foods and Sweets with products ranging from mixed fruit drops to chocolate bars.
Diarrhoea - Diocalm, Dioralyte, Imodium, J. Collis Browne and Numark products to help alleviate Diarrhoea.
Dry & Itchy Skin - Creams, lotions and mousses to help ease the discomfort of dry and itchy skin.
Dry Skin & Eczema - Dry and Itchy Skin, Eczema, Shower & Bath treatments for Dry Skin & Eczema.
Dulco-lax - Dulco-lax gentle relief from constipation.
Ear & Nose Plugs - A selection of Ear and Nose plugs.
Ear Drops - Ear Drops from ranges including Otex, Earex and Cerumol.
Eczema - Specialist products for the management of eczema including E45, Eucerin, Oilatum and Exorex.
Equipment & Monitors - Blood Pressure Monitors, Tens Machines, Glucose Monitors and Nebulisers.
Evening Primrose Oil - Evening Primrose Oil essential fatty acid is vitally important for the maintenance of optimal health.
Eye & Contact Lens Care - Contact Lens Care, Eye Drops, Eye Masks and Eye Baths.
Eye Drops, Masks & Bath - Eye drops, Eye Masks and Eye Baths from brands such as Eyedew, Optrex and Vital Eyes.
Eyelash & Brow Tints - Eyelash and Eyebrow Dye Kits.
Facial Washes - Refreshing facial washes from brands including Johnson's, Neutrogena, Nivea and Simple.
False Eyelashes - Eylure false eyelashes.
False Nails - A selection of false nails from the well known brand Perfect 10.
Family Planning - Condoms, Lubricants, Ovulation Tests, Pregnancy Care, Pregnancy Tests.
Feminine Care - Osteoporosis, Panty Liners, Period Pain, Sanitary Towels, Tampons, more...
Films - High quality films from companies including Numark, Kodak and Fujicolour.
First Aid - Antiseptics, Stings, Dressings, First Aid Kits, Supports, Muscle Rubs, Plasters more...
First Aid Brands - Leading first aid brands such as Germolene, Elastoplast. TCP, Savlon and more...
First Aid Kits - First Aid Kits for the home, the car, travel or for the office.
Fish Oils - Fish Oils for those who wish to look after their hearts, joints and skin health.
Flight Socks - Quality flight socks for all sizes.
Foot Care - Corns, Callous, Bunions, Cutting & Filing, Foot Creams, Odour Control, Cracked Skin and Insoles.
Foot Creams and Nail Treatments - Foot Creams from Christy Feet Treats and Scholl to nourish and condition your feet.
Foot Odour Control - Insoles, powders and sprays to help control foot odours.
Germolene - Germolene antiseptic cream, sprays and wipes.
Glucose Monitors - Glucose Monitors and test strips.
Gripe & Colic - Ease discomfort from Gripe and Colic, quickly and safely.
Hair Care - Conditioners, Hair Loss, Hair Sprays, Colourants & Lighteners, Styling, Perms, Scalp and Shampoos.
Hair Loss - Hair Loss products to help control the rate of hair shedding and to help stimulate re-growth.
Hair Removal - Hair removal waxes and creams including Johnson's, Nair, Veet and Jolen.
Hair Sprays - Hair sprays from fine hold to flexible extra strength from brands including Elnett, Harmony, VO5 and Wella.
Hand & Nail Care - False Nails, Hand Creams & Lotions, Nail Treatments and Nail Varnish & Removers.
Hand and Body Lotions & Body Scrubs - Hand & Body Lotions and Body Scrubs from brands including Vaseline, Nivea, Bronnley and Johnson's.
Hand Creams - Creams to moisturise and nourish your hands.
Hand Creams & Lotions - Hand creams and lotions from Cutex, Nivea and Vaseline to moisturise and nourish.
Hard & Cracked Skin - Soothing foot creams, heel creams and pumice stones from Scholl and Neutrogena.
Hay Fever & Allergies - Allergy Creams & Lotions, Allergy Eye Drops, Allergy Tablets, Capsules & Syrups and Nasal Sprays.
Head Lice - Head Lice treatments from Full Marks, Derbac, Nutruclear and Lyclear.
Heartburn - Heartburn products including tablets and liquids from ranges including Gaviscon, Rennie and Zantac.
Hemorrhoids (piles) - Relief from hemorrhoids which includes soothing creams, ointments and sprays.
Herbal Medicine and Tea's - Herbal Stress relief to help alleviate the symptoms of stressful modern living.
Herbal Sleep Aids - Regulate your sleep pattern with Herbal Sleep Aids from Kalms, Nytol and Seven Seas.
Herbal, Electronic & Vapor Cigarettes - Herbal Cigarettes from Honeyrose Menthol to Ginseng.
Holiday Health - After Sun, Flight Socks, Repellents, Tanning, Sun Creams, Travel Sickness, more...
Homoeopathic Creams - Homoeopathic Creams, includes Arnica, Tea Tree and Calendula, more...
Homoeopathic Remedies & Natural Alternative Products - High quality Homoeopathic products from brands including Nelsons and New Era, more...
Hot Water Bottles - A variety of styles of hot water bottles.
Household Accessories - Baby Safety, First Aid Kits, Hot Water Bottles and Water Filters.
Ibuleve - Ibuleve muscle rub gels and sprays. Ibuleve, the pain killing gel for backache, muscular and rheumatic pain and common arthritic conditions.
Incontinence - Incontinence Briefs and Incontinence Pads.
Incontinence Briefs - Incontinence briefs designed to overcome the problems associated with urinary incontinence.
Incontinence Pads - Incontinence pads designed to provide discreet, effective protection from incontinence.
Indigestion - Indigestion relief from Andrew’s Antacids to Tums.
Insect Repellents - Insect Repellants from brands such as Mosiguard, Numark, Ultrasun, Malibu and Jungle Formula.
Insoles & Supports - Insoles, metatarsal arch supports, cushions and pressure relief heel pads.
Intimate Hygiene - For the maintainence of personal freshness from well known brands such as Canesten, Femfresh and Vagisil.
Lemsip - Lemsip a range of cold & flu and sinus remedies. Lemsip Original, Lemsip Max and Lemsip Sinus.
Lip Care - A broad spectrum of lip care products from ranges including Blistex, Chapstick and Lypsyl.
Lozenges & Cough Sweets - Lozenges and cough sweets from all your favourite brands including Beechams, Potters, Strepsils, more...
Lubricants - Lubricants from top brands including Durex and KY.
Makeup Removers - Makeup Removers from brands such as L'Oreal, Nivea, Quickies and Simple.
Maternity - Breast Pads, Breast Pumps, Creams and Lotions.
Medical Supports - Medical supports for ankles, knees, elbows and wrists from brands such as Activa, Prosport and Scholl.
Medicines - Cholesterol Treatment Tablets, Ear Drops, Pain Relief and Stomach & Indigestion Medicines.
Men's Antiperspirant Sprays - Antiperspirant sprays for men from Gillette, Lynx, Nivea, Right Guard and Sure.
Men's Body Sprays - A selection of body sprays, including the popular brands Lynx and Old Spice.
Men's Hair Colourants & Lighteners - A selection of hair colourants designed for men, with brands including Grecian 2000 and Just for Men.
Men's Razors - Razors, replacement blades and disposable razors from Gillette and Wilkinson Sword.
Men's Roll-ons, Sticks & Wipes - Men's roll-on, sticks and deodorant wipes.
Men's Shaving Foam & Gels - Men's Shaving Foams, Gels, Creams and Shaving Brushes.
Men's Skincare - Men's skin care products from Clearasil, Nivea and Simple.
Men's Styling Products - Mens hair styling gels, waxes, putty, gum and clay from Brylcreem, L'Oreal, VO5 and Wella.
Men's Vitamins - Supplements specifically formulated for the maintenance of optimal male health.
Menopause - Supplements and Phyto Soya products specifically formulated for menopause.
Migraine - Relief treatments from the symptoms of migraines.
Minerals - Mineral supplements are essential for the maintenance of good health.
Mobility Assistance - A range of mobility products from Mangar to help assist the elderly and disabled.
Moisturisers - Moisturisers from favourite brands such as Atrixo, Nivea and Johnson's.
Mouth Ulcers & Denture Irritation - Mouth Ulcers and Denture Irritation products from well known brands such as Anbesol.
Mouth Washes - Mouth washes to support your oral hygiene routine from brands including Listerine & Sensodyne.
Muscle Rubs, Sprays, Gels & Tablets - Soothe muscle aches and pains with our selection of bath tonics, gels, ointments, sprays and rubs.
Nail Art, Varnish & Removers - High quality nail varnishes and removers from companies including Mavala, Cutex, more...
Nail Treatments - Nail treatments from leading brands such as Cutipen, Sally Hansen and Stop 'n Grow.
Nappy Rash - Soothe and calm irritated and sore skin caused by nappy rash.
Nebulisers - Portable nebuliser systems.
Nicotine Gums - Nicotine gums from brands including Nicorette & Nicotinell.
Nicotine Inhalators & Sprays - Nicotine inhalators for the relief of withdrawal symptoms associated with smoking cessation.
Nicotine Lozenges & Tablets - Nicotine lozenge and microtab products from brands such as Nicorette, Nicotinell and NiQuitin.
Nicotine Patches - Nicotine Patches in a variety of strengths to suit your individual requirements.
Numark Vitamin Range - Our own brand vitamin range.
Nutritional Supplements - Nutritional supplements can be used to supplement the diet of individuals who are unable to meet their nutritional requirements from other foods.
Oral Care - Dental Floss, Dentures, Ulcers, Washes, Oral Medicines, Toothache, Toothbrushes and Toothpastes.
Oral Medicines - Oral medicines for all ages and application preferences including gels, rinses and fluodrops.
Oral-B - Oral-B toothbrushes, dental floss and toothpaste.
Osteoporosis - Osteoporosis products for the maintenance of bone health.
Ovulation Tests - Ovulation tests to predict the most probable time of ovulation.
Oxy - Oxy face washes, cleansers, wipes and spot treatments.
Pain Relief Liquids & Soluble Tablets - Liquid pain relief & soluble pain relief tablets from Anadin to Solpadeine.
Pain Relief Tablets & Capsules - Rapid relief from pain from ranges including Anadin, Cuprofen and Nurofen.
Panty Liners - Panty Liners from brands such as Always, Bodyform, Carefree, Kotex and Numark.
Perfume - Perfumes from long established brands, Yardley, Bronnley and Roger & Gallet.
Period Pain - Period Pain products, including heat pads, that will help alleviate cramping pains rapidly.
Perms - All that you need to achieve the perm that you want.
Personal Care - Bath, Shower, Deodorants, Body, Hair Care, Hand & Nail Care, Oral Care, Shaving, Skincare, Soaps, more...
Pet Health - Flea treatments, Tick treatments and more...
Photo & Batteries - Batteries, Films and Single Use Cameras.
Plasters - Elastoplast, Fastaid and Numark plasters.
Pregnancy Care - Vitamins, Folic Acid and supplements for pregnancy support.
Pregnancy Tests - Pregnancy tests from trusted brands including Clearblue, First Response, Early Bird and Numark.
Premature Baby - A selection of useful products for premature babies.
Probiotics - Probiotic Supplements
Problem Hair & Scalp - Nourishing hair and scalp treatments from brands including Head & Shoulders, Selsun, T-Gel and Vosene.
Problem Sweating - To help significantly reduce problem perspiration.
Quinoderm - Quinoderm products to fight against acne.
Radian B - Radian B muscle rubs, sprays and lotions.
Sanitary Towels - Your favourite brands including Always, Bodyform, Kotex and Numark to suit your individual sanitary requirements.
Savlon - Savlon antiseptic creams, wipes and washes.
Scars - Protect delicate areas of skin and help to reduce scaring.
Scholl - Scholl, products for corns, callouses, verrucas, blisters and bunions.
Schwarzkopf - Schwarzkopf for hair styling and hair colourants.
Self Check Tests & Medical ID Tags - Self Check tests for Urine Infection, Female Chlamydia, Cholesterol, Blood Glucose, Menopause an many more.
Self Tanning - Self tanning creams, lotions and sprays.
Shampoos - Shampoos from normal to specific hair care requirements from Dove, Head & Shoulders, L’Oreal, more...
Shaving & Hair Removal - Hair Lightening, Hair Removal, Razors and Shaving Foam & Gels.
Shower Gels & Body Washes - Shower Gels and Body Washes to refresh and revitalise the skin.
Skin Care - Anti-Ageing, Blemishes, Cleansers, Toners, Washes, Scrubs, Lip Care, Makeup Remover's and Moisturiser's.
Sleep & Fatigue - A range of products to either combat fatigue or to help ensure a restful nights sleep.
Soaps - A wide range of soaps in bars and liquids.
Sore Throat - Rapid and effective alleviation of painful sore throats, from brands such as Benylin and Lemsip.
Specialist Vitamins - Specialist Vitamins Supplements.
Sterilising Products - Sterilising Wipes, Tablets and Kits.
Stop Smoking - Stop Smoking Aids, Gums, Herbal Cigarettes, Inhalators, Lozenges & Tablets and Patches.
Stop Snoring - Help stop snoring with Breathe Right and Anti-Snoring products.
Strepsils - Strepsils cough sweets and lozenges.
Sun Cream & Lotions - Sun Cream and Sun Lotions including favourite brands such as Nivea, Malibu and Piz Buin.
Talcum Powders - Talcum Powders with a little bit of luxury from ranges including Bronnley and Yardley.
Tampons - Tampons from brands including Tampax and Lil-lets.
TCP - TCP antiseptic liquid, creams and ointments.
Teethers & Soothers - Fun, classic and orthodontic teethers and soothers.
Teething - Help alleviate symptoms of teething-babies during the teething process with products to soothe pain and ease the inflammation of teething.
Thermometers - From fever strips to digital thermometers.
Thrush - Alleviate the discomfort and irritation of thrush.
Tommee Tippee - Tommee Tippee, one of the leading baby brands for all your baby needs. Baby feeding products by Tommee Tippee. Tommee Tippee is loved by babies and recommended parents. Buy Tommee Tippee.
Toothache - Both tinctures and gels are available to treat toothache effectively and rapidly.
Toothbrushes - Electric and traditional toothbrushes from ranges including Braun, Colgate and Oral B.
Toothpastes - Toothpastes from Colgate 2 in 1 advanced fresh liquid to Ultrabrite toothpastes, more...
Toys & Gifts - Tommee Tippee Toys and Gifts.
Trapped Wind - Alleviate the unpleasant symptoms of trapped wind from ranges including Remegel, Rennie and Setlers.
Travel Sickness - Relief from travel sickness with products from Joy-Rides, Kwells, Sea-Band, Stugeron and Traveleeze.
Travel Sweets - A selection of great tasting travel sweets.
Upset Stomach - Alka-Seltzer, Andrews, Eno, Milk of Magnesia, Pepto-Bismol and Resolve.
Vicks - Vicks vapour rubs and cough syrups.
Vitamins - Both vitamins and minerals are essential for the maintenance of good health.
Vitamins & Supplements - Antioxidants, Fish Oils, Minerals, Own Label, Pregnancy Care, Multi Vitamins, Tonics, more...
Vitamins for Pregnancy - Vitamins, Folic Acid and supplements for pregnancy support.
Warts & Verrucas - Effectively treat and protect against warts and verrucas.
Water Filters - Brita water filters and replacement cartridges.
Weaning & Feeding - Spoons, Bibs, Bowls, Plates, Cutlery Sets, High Chair Mats, more...
Weight Loss - Need help to lose weight? There are a number of weight loss herbal remedies and medicines that may assist you in this process.
Women's Antiperspirant Sprays - Antiperspirant sprays for women from brands such as Dove, Impulse, Nivea, Palmolive, Sanex and Sure.
Women's Body Sprays - Body sprays for women, including the popular brands of Impulse and Yardley.
Women's Hair Colourants & Lighteners - Women's Hair Colourants & Lighteners from brands including Clairol, Garnier, Harmony, more...
Women's Razors - Female razors, replacement blades and disposable razors from Gillette and Wilkinson Sword.
Women's Roll-ons, Sticks & Wipes - Women's Deodorant Roll-ons, Sticks and Wipes.
Women's Shaving Foam & Gels - Shaving foams and gels to suit even the most sensitive of women's skin.
Women's Vitamins - A range of nutritional supplements to support female optimal health.
Worms - Worm treatment tablets and sachets.
Zirtek - Zirtek products for the relief of hayfever and allergy symptoms.

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